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About Us

The FreshCleanTees team has been involved in men’s fashion for over 10 years. Co-founder Melissa Parvis has developed men's apparel for large brands such as Hurley, Tough Mudder, BadBoy MMA, and The UFC to name a few. During that time, Matthew Parvis, a tee shirt connoisseur tested hundreds of tee shirts and noticed the current market for men’s tee shirts is simply flawed to say the least. You’ve got the shirts that fit well and look good but retail for over $30 bucks for a single tee shirt, or you've got the more affordable tees which are poorly constructed, lack comfort, shrink after a few washes and have no consistency. It was at that point this husband and wife team decided to find the perfect combination; a tee shirt that's not going to break the bank, but looks and feels great for any guy wearing it. Toss in the tee shirt subscription box model, and voila! Fresh Clean Tees was born.


What Makes

Fresh Clean Tees So Special?

FreshCleanTees were designed with attention to detail and made with a 50/50 cotton/poly blend making them super soft and comfortable. Trust us, poly is no longer a dirty word – in fact, it’s the poly that ensures the shirts retain a nice consistent fit and don’t shrink over time. Check out our size chart .

Our shirts were also developed with a side seam, giving the shirts a stylish, fashionable shape that allows them to be worn on their own with complete confidence. Guys also love variety, so we’ve made sure to offer FreshCleanTees in both Crew and V-Neck as well as a bunch of colors. So there you have it. Are you ready to come on board?

Why Become a

Fresh Clean Tees Member?

There are so many benefits to joining the Fresh Clean Tee Shirt subscription club. First and foremost, we're confident that you'll absolutely love the tee shirts every time they show up at your door. We stand behind our product, and we'll work with all our members to find a style preferance that works best for them. More importantly, our monthly tee shirt club will save you hundreds of dollars each year. Quality tee shirts can cost upwards of $30 for a single tee shirt. At Fresh Clean Tees you can nab three for as little as $12 per shirt. Save money and look awesome doing it. You can't lose.


Meet Our Team


Matthew Parvis

Co-Founder and avid tee shirt wearer


Melissa Parvis

Co-Founder and fashion expert


Riley and Guapo Parvis

Chief Fresh Officer & Director of Clean

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