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Become a Fresh Clean Tees Ambassador

What is the Fresh Clean Tees Ambassador Program?

Here at Fresh Clean Tees, we're excited to work with people who are excited about our brand and what we do. If you've established yourself on social media with a significant following, either on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or via a personal website and have an audience that would be interested in our tee shirt subscription, we'd love to hear from you.

How does the Ambassador program work?

It's pretty simple actually. Simply, fill out the application below. If we think your personal brand and following is a good fit for Fresh Clean Tees we'll reach out to get started. Ambassadors accepted to the program get tee shirts and the opportunity to earn cash every month.

  • Ambassadors receive THREE new tee shirts every three months. Basically you'll have a FREE quarterly tee shirt membership
  • Ambassadors will be expected to post a minimum of TWO posts promoting Fresh Clean Tees every month. These posts must be accompanied by photos or videos of the shirts being worn, or with the shirts as the primary focus of the picture/video
  • Each ambassador will get their own unique promo code to share with their friends and audience so we can keep track of how hard you're crushing it
  • Our goal is for our ambassadors to get SIX sales through your promo code every quarter. That's only two sales per month (easy, right?) As long as you hit six you're quarterly tee shirt subscription will be renewed.
  • For every sale over the first six per quarter we'll even pay you $10 for every new order, so not only will you get amazing tee shirts, but you'll also have the opportunity to earn some cash.
  • By becoming an ambassador, we'll request that you allow Fresh Clean Tees to possibly use your photos or videos on our site and in our marketing. You'll retain the copyright and ownership of the photos/videos, we just want to be able to show you off to the world!

I'm in! Let's get started.

Click here to apply or simply fill out the form below.

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