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Even a Tee Shirt Subscription Box

Needs an FAQ

What is Fresh Clean Tees?

Fresh Clean Tees is the premier tee shirt subscription club for all of your tee shirt needs! If you're familiar with subscription services like Dollar Shave Club or BirchBox, Fresh Clean Tees will be a natural fit. Our tee shirt subscription service delivers three of what we think are the best tees you'll ever wear to your door monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

How does it work?

Our tee shirt subscription is ridiculously simple. First, select how often you want to get your tees. Then, select your style preference. From there you can choose between crew necks, V-neck tees or a mix of both. Finally, let us know your size and you will have your first batch of Fresh Clean Tees at your door in no time at all.

How do I determine which size to order?

Our shirts are true to size. If you have any problems on your first order contact us and we'll gladly exchange until you've got the perfect fit. Check out our size chart to get the deets.

How are the colors selected?

Our tee shirt subscription is totally based on your style selection. We have six style preferences that help us curate your shipment to deliver colors that fit that style. If you need to change up your style selection from month-to-month, that's cool. We got you.

When will my tee shirts arrive?

We aim to ship your first order out within 48 hours M-F with our shipping partners and you will receive a tracking number when they ship. Please note that with Fedex Smartpost tracking numbers, they typically it shows you the worst-case scenario, however your package will typically arrive in 3-4 business days after its shipped. After your first shipment subscription renewals are shipped by the 17th of the month.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We hate to see you go but we guess you just aren't wearing tee shirts anymore, right? Let us know why you aren't completely happy with our service or what we can do to improve it. Please note that once our subscription renewal is processed on the 15th of the month, your subscription won't be cancelled until the following month. No exceptions.

When will my subscription renew?

Depending on your frequency, your order will renew on the 15th of the month. Your first order ships within 48 hours and if your subscription order is placed before the 4th of any month, your renewal will take place on the 15th of the month for monthly subscriptions.

What if the size I ordered is incorrect? Can I return it?

We want you to get the right fit, and while our shirts fit pretty true to size it is impossible to get it right every time. In order to get you the perfect fit, we will exchange your size at no charge provided you make the exchange before your first renewal . After your first renewal, we'll still gladly exchange sizes for you -- however you will be responsible for shipping the shirts back to us.

Do you allow for refunds?

We're always happy to exchange your tee shirts if there is a size or quality issue, however we do not offer refunds after purchase.

What are your shipping charges?

In the United States we charge a small $4.99 shipping and handling fee for our subscription 3-packs. Our one-time orders calculate shipping based on weight and distance. We are constantly working with couriers to try and improve our shipping costs. We do our best to expedite shipping on all new orders and exchanges, to ensure orders are delivered within 6-7 business days within placing your order.

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