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Transform Your Tee Shirt Game!

Get a three pack of super awesome, premium tee shirts monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly for as little as $36/month saving you hundreds vs. other online retailers.

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Never worry about putting on an old, worn out tee shirt again.


Your black V-neck will fit the same way your white crew neck does.


Compared to our competitors our tee shirts will save you hundreds of dollars a year.


Change your preferences at any time so you can have a tee for every occasion.

What Makes Fresh Clean Tees Special?

Well, it's awesome to know you've always got a batch of tee shirts headed your way as part of our tee shirt subscription . However, what's more awesome is knowing just how great the tee shirts we're sending you are. We've done a whole bunch of fancy research to offer a tee shirt that not only looks and feels amazing when you're wearing it, but that also comes without the absurd price tag that so many retailers have put on their tees. Why pay upwards of 40 bucks for a single tee shirt when you can get three for $36..

How Our Tee Shirt Subscription Box Works

Choose monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly

Select your style and size preferences

Relax and bask in your awesomeness

Why a Tee Shirt Subscription?

Face it, tee shirts are a wardrobe staple for most guys. Once you find the right look, feel and fit you shouldn't have to worry about going through the process again. We're confident that once you try out Fresh Clean Tees they'll be the only tee shirt you will want to wear. So why not streamline the process by sending you a new batch of tees either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. We're basically like a shave club, but for tee shirts.

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Our Customers Love Fresh Clean Tees!

I love my Fresh Clean Tees. I have tried many others including Mack Weldon and they just can't compare.

Dave C.

"The quality and color assortment of shirts is amazing. I love the different neck styles, colors, and feel of the shirts. Super comfortable.

Jared H.

Would never have thought I'd get excited about t-shirts, but that's just how I felt after my first package arrived. They fit great. Cool colors also.

John B.